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Catch-Up Premium Spend 20-21

This document has been reviewed in March 2021 to reflect our current circumstances.

As our children return to school, we feel it is important to carefully plan our curriculum and lessons so that we are supporting our children to transition back into school life successfully. We will aim to do this with their wellbeing, confidence and happiness at the heart of our plans. At RHJS, we want our learners to be confident and ready to learn. We are aware that this lockdown will have impacted on children in many different ways and we want to fully support our children in successfully re-engaging them with their learning at school.

For some children, the national lockdown and absence form school will have meant a loss of routine, structure, friendships, opportunity and freedom. These losses can trigger anxiety in any child. We know that an anxious child is not in a place to learn effectively. So, with this in mind, our school team has thought about the most effective way to support our children’s ability to learn through embracing a ‘Bounce Back’ approach. Our main focus for our ‘Bounce Back’ curriculum will be community. This has been selected as our overarching theme as we believe it to be fundamental in ensuring that children feel safe, supported and confident to learn. Additionally, within this theme are values that we deem important for pupils to flourish within school. These are: connectivity, teamwork, sense of belonging, friendships, relationships, inclusivity, equality, supportiveness and positivity.

Our ‘Bounce Bank’ approach will aim to reintroduce children to lessons gradually and will ensure that valuable time is spent in engaging children in activities and lessons that allow them to talk, express their feelings and experiences and to be creative. It is our aim for all children to be back to a full timetable by the week beginning the 22nd March. We are really looking forward to welcoming the children back and for them to enjoy our inspiring and purposeful ‘Bounce Bank’ curriculum and sharing what the children have been up to during this period with you.  

A Return to a Full Timetable

Once children have returned to a normal timetable following our Bounce Back curriculum, we will aim to re-assess the children in a supportive manner in order to gather information regarding gaps in learning and misconceptions. Teachers will use this information to plan for specific interventions for children to address any lost learning. These interventions will run until the end of the academic year.

Adaptations to the Curriculum

We plan for all children to be back to a full timetable from the 22nd March although there have been some adaptations made for the rest of this academic year. The children will receive a broad and ambitious curriculum offer; however, there have been modifications made to how Modern Foreign Languages and Music will be taught. These lessons will not appear on a weekly timetable but pupils will be exposed to enrichment days within these subjects during the summer term. These enrichment days will aim to inspire and interest the children within these subject areas in preparation for a full return to these subjects in the Autumn term. Please note that Year 4 will continue to receive their weekly music sessions from specialist teachers from the Music Service. The reason behind this decision is that we will need to prioritise key areas and objectives of the curriculum in the first instance so that we able to close the gap and address any lost learning during the lockdown. If you have any questions about our adaptations to the curriculum, please e-mail

For details of how we are spending our funding please find below our ‘COVID catch-up Premium Plan’.