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At Rednal Hill Juniors we follow The Birmingham Agreed Syllabus for Religious Education (2007). A new scheme of work was introduced in 2017, a diverse, theme-based approach, which was selected specifically to support our children at Rednal Hill Juniors and their needs (Route 1 of 3).

According to the syllabus summary, the curriculum for a maintained school should provide a balanced and broadly based curriculum which:

  • Promotes the spiritual, moral, cultural, mental (SMSC) and physical development of pupils at the school and of society
  • Prepares such pupils for the opportunities, responsibilities, and experiences of adult life.

At Rednal Hill Junior School we also provide annual trips for pupils to different places of worship, across all main religions. Children are given the opportunity to experience different faiths, cultures and traditions, helping to consolidate their learning.

Children’s learning in this Birmingham Syllabus of Religious Education is guided by 24 dispositions, which all the major faiths saw as particularly important. Taken together, the dispositions constitute a person’s spiritual and moral character and help to depict a human ideal. 

RE scheme of work is theme-based. The linked core themes are:Compassion, Community, Choice, Commitment, Contemplation and Creativity.

Class journals encourage children to regularly reflect on what they have learnt in classes, and the way activities in class have helped them to learn. 

It also allows children to express themselves creatively, resulting in more engaging and interesting work being produced.

New lesson plans implemented in 2018-19. (Faith Makes a Difference) 

Peer and self-assessment opportunities throughout the lessons.

 Lesson plans provide questions to help to deepen understanding, open up valuable discussions and challenge opinions. 

Opportunities to visit religious places of worship within the wider community.Activity sheets provided to enhance pupil learning, immediate impact.Evaluation sheets completed by the pupils on return.


Collective worship

Our approach to collective worship is Christian in character without being exclusively Christian. We ensure that all the major faiths are covered to ensure our approach is inclusive. Trips are arranged to all major faith places of worship during their time at Rednal to promote a positive understanding of difference.Our assemblies aim to:

  • Offer time to talk and think
  • Be educational and look to broaden and deepen knowledge and understanding
  • Affirm diversity and respect, regardless of faith, gender or sexual orientation
  • Foster a sense of community where all are included
  • Create an opportunity to be uplifted from the everyday and ordinary. We celebrate the good and sometimes extraordinary things that children at Rednal do.
  • There are also daily opportunities for classes to come together (if needed) restoratively to discuss issues and concerns. Although not directly religious in nature these “coming together” opportunities are: educational, inclusive and often spiritual.

Mrs. V. Rose

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