Irwin Avenue, Rednal, Birmingham, B45 8QY

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Rednal Hill Junior School

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Staff 2020-21

Headteacher - Mr. Jones

Deputy Headteacher - T&L Lead/Curriculum/EVC - Mrs. Tilley

Assistant Headteacher - Lead DSL/Inclusion Leader/SENDCo - Mrs. Jones

Assistant Headteacher - T&L/Mathematics Lead/Behaviour & Attitudes/Pupil Premium Champion/DSL - Mr. Flanagan

Teaching & Learning Leaders - Miss. Weir (English Lead) & Mrs. Judd (Curriculum Overview Lead)

Teaching Staff

Area of Responsibility

Mrs. Clark (3NC)

Year 3 Year Group Lead (Foundation subjects for Y3 & Forest School Lead)

Miss. Sedgwick (3KS)

Year 3 Class Teacher (Library Lead)

Miss. Yarwood (3AY)

Year 3 Class Teacher

Miss. Edgerton (4JF)

Year 4 Year Group Lead (Foundation subjects for Y4 & Music Lead)

Miss. Graves (4SG)

Year 4 Class Teacher (Communication Champion)

Miss. Oates (4EO)

Year 4 Class Teacher

Miss. Barnes-Cooper

Year 4 Support Teacher
Mrs. Harris

Year 5 Year Group Leader (Art & Design/Design Technology)

Miss. Brown

 Year 5 Class Teacher

Mrs. Rose (Tue-Fri) & Mrs. Hughes (Mon)

Year 5 Class Teacher (Mrs. Rose PSHE, RE and School Council Lead)

Miss. Weir

 Year 5 Support Teacher (English Lead)

Miss. Frogett

Year 6 Year Group Leader

Miss. Caunhye

Year 6 Class Teacher (Science Lead)

Miss. Maddams

Year 6 Class Teacher

Mr Hewitt

Year 6 Support Teacher (MfL Lead)

Mrs. Judd

Year 6 Support Teacher (Curriculum Overview Lead, Lead for Geography, History & PE)

PPA Team


Miss Allan

Support Teacher (ICT Lead)

Mrs. Hughes

Support Teacher

Miss. Pryce

Sports Instructor


Inclusion Team:


Mrs. Fowke

Learning Mentor & DSL

Miss. Ellis

Senior Learning Mentor, Deputy DSL & Attendance Lead

Mrs. Hayes


Miss. Cooper

Pastoral Team & DSL


Support staff:


Mrs. Picken

Year 4  (SEN) Teaching Assistant

Mrs. Pritchard

Year 6 Teaching Assistant

Ms. Duggins

Year 3 Teaching Assistant

Miss. Wootton

Year 4 Teaching Assistant & Cover Supervisor

Miss Piggott

Year 5 (SEN) Teaching Assistant

Miss. Coles

Year 5 Teaching Assistant & Cover Supervisor

Miss. Hands

 Year 3 (SEN) Teaching Assistant



Administrative Staff:


Mrs. Bailey

School Business Manager (Tuesday to Thursday)

Mrs. Hall

Senior Office Manager

Mrs. Billingsley

Office Assistant

Ms. Garratt

Office Assistant



Site Staff:


Mr. Shurvinton

Building Services Supervisor

Mr. Homer

BSS Assistant



Ms. Garratt

School Club Lead & DSL

Mrs. Busby

Restaurant Manager

Mr. Richards

Senior Dinner Supervisor