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Behaviour System

The Card System (Good to be Green)

  • The Card System is a visual tool to help pupils understand what behaviour is expected of them in school.
  • The Card System has  coloured cards (green, yellow, red and gold).
  • The norms of the classroom are displayed near the Card System.  Pupils are taught that keeping the norms will ensure that they stay on a green card (which is good!).  However, an adult may decide that they have been spotted doing so well with their learning that they are awarded a gold card
  • If a pupil fails to uphold the class norms adults in the class will follow the behaviour flowchart and may result in a yellow or red card. The pupil is encouraged to make the right choice. Choosing to change back to appropriate behaviour will mean that they return to a green card zone.
  • Very occasionally pupils will still choose to ignore warnings and card changes. This will escalate the incident to the next level.
  • Being given a red card leads to a consequence. (Please refer to details below)
  • Rewards will be given on a daily, weekly and half termly basis linked to the system.
  • Pupils return to green at the start of each new day

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