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Rednal Hill Junior School

Together we can turn possibility into reality


At Rednal Hill Junior School we endeavour to celebrate all things positive. 

During the pandemic we will not be welcoming parents into the building to limit contact between us all. Our value word assembly, that focuses on key value that we at Rednal Hill hold dear, will now run termly rather than weekly. The value word becomes the focus for the term and at the end of each term their teacher picks a child who has demonstrated the value word best, to be - Value Word Champion for their class.

Every Friday we have pupil of the week. Again this is a celebration assembly, but unlike value word champion, the winner is picked by a member of staff from your child’s class who has seen them do something extra special.

Class assemblies will run as normally as possible but instead of inviting parents in to view, they will be posted, with parental consent, on our school website.