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Rednal Hill Junior School

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Pupil of the WeekEvery Friday we pick one child from each class for their outstanding work ethic, they are then celebrated in Friday's 'Pupil of the Week' assembly!  Well done to last week's pupils of the week!

3NC-Libby for her excellent behaviour and superb effort this week. 

3AY- Amelia for following instructions well and behaving sensibly on the class trip. 

4EO- Danielle for her brilliant attitude to learning and a great improvement in her writing this year. 

4LF- Jess for her hard work and resilience in maths lessons 

4NE- Tobias for being an excellent role model in class. 

5NB- Amy for always going above and beyond and showing enthusiasm for all her work. 

5HS- Claire for her progress in lessons this week and earning several gold cards. 

5VR- Millie for pushing herself and showing an excellent attitude in maths. 

6SM- Zavier and Mikka for their super video about moving up to year 6. 

6SC- Connie for trying her best and always volunteering to help.