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Rednal Hill Junior School

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Value Word Champions


Every term we celebrate children who have exemplified one of our core values.

3NC- Sonny for always being kind and helpful, he is a great role model for the class. 

3AY- Emily for always being polite and patient and being a brilliant friend and learning partner. 

3SG- Charlie for being kind and helpful and always thinking of others in the class. 

4EO- Deanna for being a good friend and helpful and respectful to all. 

4LF- Darcy for always offering to help adults and children with jobs to support her community. 

4NE- Joseph for caring for every community he is part of and seeking to make it a better place for everyone. 

5HS- Madison for caring for her school community and surroundings by volunteering to tidy up the playground. 

5VR- Rhys for being kind and supportive of others in the community, especially in breakfast club. 

5NB- Ava for caring for the school environment and always being supportive of others. 

6SC- Savannah for supporting the school community through her role as a peer mediator. 

6SM- Aimee for being a kind and patient friend and always supporting others. 

6LF- Jenny for being respectful and supportive to all in school and a great role model. 

Well done to last half term's value word champions!