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Hometalk chats by 'Dialogue Works' are a great way to improve speaking, listening and thinking skills. They are based around a short, but thoughtful, conversation about an interesting topic. The packs contain lots of ideas, help and advice for parents to improve these skills. We will post these on a regular basis, see below.

HomeTalk 2021-2022

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HomeTalk 2020-2021

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Philosophy for Children (P4C) is going to become an integral part of what we do at Rednal from September of this year.

P4C is a great way for children to build their reasoning and speaking skills. It's based around a the premis that it’s really important to draw out ideas from children, rather than planting your ideas in their heads. Questions are the ideal way to do this. Download the two files for lots of tips and guidance on how to start doing P4C at home.

Thinking Moves helps your children build up their thinking skills. They are fun to use and work across all ages from 3 – 15. Download these two documents to learn more and to get some interesting ideas for thinking activities

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