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  4. W/B 18/12/2023 - International Migrants Day

Weekly Focused Assemblies 2023-2024

In this week’s assembly, we discussed how on the 18th December it is International Migrants Day.

First of all, we spoke about how birds migrate and the reasons as to why they do. We looked specifically at the Arctic Turns who reside in Antarctica – these birds fly all the way from Antarctica to Wales (in the UK) every summer so that they are able to feed their young and make them fit and healthy. They then fly all the way back to Antarctica.

We then talked about how people migrate and discussed the reasons as to why they might decide to leave the place that they live.

We then shared a book about a family that decided to migrate because they were in danger. The book shares the journey that this family went on in order to seek a new place to live.

We also discussed how our assembly fitted in with our British Values.

We listened to the following piece of music during our assembly: