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The aims of the Geography Curriculum at Rednal Hill Junior School are:

  • To inspire a curiosity about, and interest in, our world and its people;
  • To develop an understanding of the importance of sustainability in order to look after our world and its people;
  • To develop knowledge of diverse and significant places in the UK and around the world and their geographical characteristics;
  • To understand key human and physical geographical features of the world and how these relate to each other;
  • To develop geographical skills including map work and field work and the communication of geographical information.

 Delivery of Geography Lessons at Rednal Hill Junior School

 Topics are taught across a period of 7 weeks, rotating between Geography and History. Geographical knowledge and skills are taught through exciting and relevant topics across the key stage. Each topic is driven by an enquiry question linked to a geographical concept. Children’s learning progressively builds so that they are able to share their understanding at the end of the topic by answering the enquiry question and celebrating their new learning.


All topics have geographical themes attached to them which enables children to develop a fundamental understanding of geography and the world in which we live.



Progression in skills is supported through a Geography Skills Progression document which identifies age-related expectations for key geographical skills:

  • Locational Knowledge
  • Map Work
  • Field Work
  • Geographical Enquiry

Our character, Fern the Badger, supports pupils in understanding the geographical skills that they are learning.    

Knowledge prompt cards are used in each unit to outline age-related expectations for key geographical knowledge and vocabulary.      



 Our Geography curriculum develops children’s knowledge of their locality, countries and communities around our world and inspires them to be curious about the world that we live in.

Recent Work

Year 3  

Year 3 have really enjoyed their first Geography topic this year which is called ‘Awesome Earth’ where they learn all about volcanoes and earthquakes. They build their knowledge over the topic to help them answer their enquiry question: 

What are earthquakes and volcanoes and why do they happen?  

Year 4  

Year 4 have learned so much about mountains in their Geography topic, ‘Mighty Mountains!’ They have focused mainly on learning about Ben Nevis and Mount Everest to help them to answer their enquiry question: 

What is the same and what is different about Ben Nevis and Everest?  

Year 5  

A popular and interesting Geography topic in Year 5 is called ‘Bem Vindo’ where the children learn about Brazil. They focus on two of the cities in particular – Brasilia and Rio de Janeiro. At the end of their topic they answer the enquiry question:  

Which Brazilian city would you choose to reside in and why?  

Year 6  

One of Year 6’s geography topics is called ‘Extreme Environments’ where they learn all about the Canadian arctic tundra and the Sahara Desert so that the end of the topic they can answer their enquiry question: 

How does life in the Canadian Arctic  tundra  compare with life in the Sahara Desert?

Miss L. Fitzpatrick & Miss N. Brown

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