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Weekly Focused Assemblies

Week Beginning 26/06/23

In our whole school assembly this week, we learned all about Sir Issac Newton (who is a part of our science curriculum) and explored the impact that he had on Science and scientific thinking.



We discussed how Isaac Newton is well-known for his scientific theory associated with gravity. He was sitting in a garden one day and saw an apple all from a tree onto the ground.

“Why did it fall in a straight line to the ground?”

Newton decided that the Earth must have pulled the apple itself.

He expanded his theory to astronomy and space. Gravity would explain why the moon was held on a course around the Earth. The moon is the perfect distance from the earth, to not be pulled in or to move away.

What else is he famous for?

In 1668, Newton built the first telescope. 

He used a mirror to reflect the stars, this meant that people at the time could see more than they had ever before.

Isaac Newton also discovered how white light can be divided into colours of the spectrum.

Challenged theories at the time that the white light was purely white.

The total sum of the colours equal white light.

‘Standing on the Shoulders of Giants’

These words were taken from a letter that Newton wrote to a fellow scientist.

He claimed his success had been built on the achievement of others.

Newton was saying that many scientists before him had done great work and he merely took their work further. 


We then celebrated our scientists of the future – the children at Rednal Hill and the amazing work they produced during science week!

We listened to the following piece of music as we left the assembly: