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  4. W/B 13/03/2023 - International Maths Day & World Pi Day

Weekly Focused Assemblies

Week Beginning 13/03/23

In this week’s assembly, we focused on the ‘International Day of Maths’. This is typically held on 14th March each year and often referred to as Pi Day due to how the date is written (3.14) and its link to the first 3 digits of Pi (3.141592653589…). 

We spoke about how mathematics is all around us. From the shapes we see in buildings, to checking what time it is, to thinking about what we are having for lunch and reasoning about what we need to be ready for the next day. 

The children discovered why maths is important and the maths behind certain jobs that people do. From designing and constructing exciting roller coaster rides, to the coding of computer games. The children also learnt about key mathematical figures through history, such as, Dorothy Vaughan, Katherine Johnson, and Mary Jackson. All referred to as the ‘Human Computers’ for their work in completing complex calculations around trajectory of spacecraft for NASA.  

The children were left with a task to find something around school ‘that is maths’. There has been lots of suggestions from the children, which have included: the shapes of the tiles on the floor, the consideration of weight in the lift and the angle the window creates when opened. Children were also encouraged to find ‘maths’ both inside and outside of the home. Can you encourage your child to spot these and why?