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  2. Homework


At Rednal Hill Junior School we value the importance of homework and encourage all pupils to engage in weekly activities at home which are set by class teachers. 

What homework will my child get on a weekly basis:

  • Pupils will be expected to read their reading book from school every day and record this in their home reading diary
  • Pupils will have a list of spellings each week to learn
  • Pupils will have maths fluency to practice each week
  • Pupils will have a maths or English activity each week (maths and English will be rotated each week). This homework will be something that they have already learned in school and will be an opportunity for them to consolidate prior learning
  • Pupils will have access to a homework topic grid.  The grid has the following headings on:
  • The activities in the grid aim to appeal to different talents and interests and they link to what the children are learning about in history of geography.
  • Under these headings there will be a list of activities and pupils are able to select an activity that interests them the most to complete. Please note that the list of activities, as you move down the grid, become more challenging. Please support your child in selecting an activity most appropriate for them. Pupils are expected to select one activity from the grid each week. If any pupil wants to complete more than that, they’d be more than welcome to do so. It would be great if parents could support pupils in selecting a range of activities.

If you have any questions or queries regarding homework, please do not hesitate to contact the school. Thank you for supporting your child in engaging with their homework activities.

Mrs Tilley

Deputy Head Teacher