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Design Technology

Aims of the Design Technology Curriculum at Rednal Hill Junior School:

  • To develop knowledge, skills and understanding in order to design and make high-quality products for a wide range of users and purposes.
  • To test and evaluate their ideas and products, and the work of others.
  • To improve basic cookery techniques and develop a love of cookery.
  • To develop confidence in problem solving and taking risks.

Delivery of the Design Technology Curriculum at Rednal Hill Junior School

Design Technology skills are taught through a range of inspiring, practical and challenging projects across the key stage.  In each project pupils are encouraged to RESEARCH past and present designs, DESIGN their own product, MAKE their own prototype and EVAULATE their own and others’ work.  Projects cover the core disciplines of Design Technology:

The curriculum is sequenced to ensure that skills build progressively through each project and pupils revisit the discipline across the key stage.  Progress in development is supported through a Design Technology Skills Progression document which identifies age-related expectations for each discipline.

Throughout each project pupils are encouraged to select and use tools and materials that are suited to the purpose and to talk about their designs.  At each stage in the process pupils encouraged to think and work independently and collaboratively evaluating, extending and improving their ideas.  Design Technology projects include a drawstring bag in Lower School and a Moving Toy in Upper School.

Recent Work

Year 4  

Year 4 have had so much fun making a moving sign for tourists visiting the mountains using levers and linkages.

Year 5  

Year 5 have been looking at mechanisms in Design Technology with a particular focus on cams. They have designed and made a moving toy for children which reflects the Brazilian carnivals.

Year 6  

In Design Technology, Year 6 have been busy designing and making their torches for anyone living in an extreme environment. This has linked with their Geography work, whereby they have been learning about life in the Canadian Arctic Tundra.

Mrs. K. Judd

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