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Who are we?
Rednal Hill Juniors' Governing Body is made up of 12 governors (1 Head Teacher governor, 1 staff, 4 parents, 1 Local Authority and 5 co-opted). 

What do we do?
We help and support the school to ensure that it can be as good as it can be. We do this in a number of ways from contributing at meetings to helping out at school events, listening to the views of parents and offering support and challenge to the school leadership.

Core things that we do are:
Monitor progress and attainment of years groups and keystages
Are a voice for different stakeholders: parents, community and local authority
Ensure key policies are in place and are followed.
Agree staffing numbers and help appoint staff
Closely monitor the schools budget and finances and make decisions on some spending
Come in to school and talk to teachers and children about school
Monitor the School Development Plans including action points following OFSTED inspections

We also aim to ensure that the governing body have the necessary skills to ensure the effective leadership of the school. We conduct an annual skills audit to ensure the governing body has the approapriate skills. Weaker areas from the audit feed into the training the governing body receives during the following year.