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  4. W/B 08/04/2024 - We Value Being Part of a Community

Weekly Focused Assemblies 2023-2024

In our assembly today, we looked at our value for Summer 1 - 'We value being a part of a community'.


We discussed that a community is a place were you feel you belong. With everyone having a part to play in the community, working towards a common goal or interest. The link was made to sports teams, where everyone in the team has a role to play in order for them to be successful. The way we behave in school affects other people. The children were able to share the communities they belong to, with suggestions ranging from gymnastics, dance, football, choir, faith, school and family. The children could see that the communities were varied. 

A community works best when everybody treats each other with respect and kindness. If we think about each other’s feelings and how we treat each other, school will be a happy and special place to be. The children left considering their role within the Rednal Hill Junior School community and how their actions will make the school a better a place to be. 


We then read, People Will Always Need People by Benjamin Zephaniah. We also listened to Sia, Together.