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  4. W/B 30/01/2023 - Children's Mental Health

Weekly Focused Assemblies

Week Beginning 30/01/23

As it is ‘children’s mental health week’ next week, our assembly this week was all about what is feels like when we don’t feel connected with people (and therefore alone) and who we can go to for support. The children explored the idea of how they can do simple actions in order to connect with people and these actions can be as simple as a smile or a thumbs up! We discussed how we could reach out to others to ensure that people know that if ever they are feeling alone that they have someone that they can connect to for support. The children listened to a poem called ‘Together’ by Matt Good fellow and they reflected on its meaning.

All of the children and adults decided on one thing that they were going to do next week in order to reach out and connect with someone.

To help the children in their reflections, we listened to Pachelbel’s Canon. Please click below to hear this piece of music: