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  4. W/B 03/07/2023 - Emmeline Pankhurst

Weekly Focused Assemblies

Week Beginning 03/07/23

In this week’s assembly our focus of discussion was the historical and famous figure Emmeline Pankhurst. In our assembly, we discussed the meaning of voting for political reasons and then explores the character of Emmeline Pankhurst – who she was, what she did, what she achieved and the legacy that she left behind.

Facts about her childhood:

  • Emmeline Goulden was born in 1858 in Manchester. 
  • Her parents were both involved in politics. 
  • Emmeline grew up in a world where women were not treated the same as men.
  • Women were not allowed to vote, own property like houses or do certain jobs like being a doctor or lawyer. 
  • They were also not given much access to school or university, as education for girls was not considered important. 
  • When she was 14, she went to a women’s suffrage meeting with her mother and became passionate about the cause.