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  4. W/B 15/01/2024 - Energy Saving

Weekly Focused Assemblies 2023-2024

As it is Energy Saving Week this week, we had an assembly all about what energy is and why it is important to save energy. We started off with a quote from Jane Goodall.

We then thought about what energy is and how we use energy every day within our homes.

We then thought about why it is important to save energy.

We then discussed lots of ways that we can save energy every single day.

We then read a book called ‘The Journey Home’ which was all about a polar bear who went on a journey with some other animals friends – all of the animals were at risk because of the changes to the environment that they live in – all caused by not saving energy.

In the assembly, we also listened to Michael Jackson – ‘Heal the World’. Take a listen here: